Regularly, when the Golden State Warriors are giving a languid exertion, we realize who will shout out and let their disappointment be known: either forward Draymond Green or lead trainer Steve Kerr.

However, on Thursday night, in the second from last quarter of a victory 130-104 misfortune against the Los Angeles Clippers, the TNT cameras caught Steph Curry giving what seemed, by all accounts, to be a — might I venture to say — PG-13-looking motivational speech.

That isn’t a sight most Dubs fans are familiar with, nor was it something shading analyst Reggie Miller expected by the same token. “That may be the most vivified I’ve at any point seen him during a game,” Miller said. “There’s a need to keep moving here. It’s acceptable to see that from Curry.”

The discourse didn’t rouse an emotional rebound — the Warriors at last actually got smoked — yet it established a significant connection with web-based media. Steph’s sister Sydel tweeted that she could identify with the remainder of Golden State’s list: “He got distraught at me once 7 years prior I actually feel like an awful individual haha.”

Curry had one of his most disastrous showings of the period against the Clippers, getting done with 14 focuses quickly, yet he and the remainder of his colleagues will have a shot at breaking a four-game losing streak on Sunday versus the Utah Jazz.

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