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Description of The Lost Ways Book Pdf

People in the 18th century were familiar with the term “lost ways,” which refers to knowledge that was common knowledge at the time. Even until the 19th century, these skills were passed down from father to son and mother to daughter. However, as a result of industrialisation, many of these honed skills were lost forever.

Our American forefathers’ understanding of how to survive in a world without electricity, food, or a smartphone would once again be important if we were ever cut off from these conveniences.

With more than 300 pages, The Lost Ways is a hefty tome that contains a lot of information. That this is not a single author’s book, but rather an amalgamation of contributions from a wide range of experts, makes it an invaluable resource for anyone interested in the subject matter.

Author Claude Davis has published numerous works about survival, mainly focusing on the methods employed by American pioneers and Native Americans. Claude Davis He penned the book’s prologue and was in charge of its compilation and editing, and he’s still keeping it up to date.

If you’re looking for information on all of the authors in the Lost Ways e-book, including Davis, you’ll have to look elsewhere. A first initial and a surname name are all that are available for several of the authors: G Arminius and S Patience, M Richard and M Searson, M Taylor and S Walter. In the case of others, such as Fergus Mason and Jimmy Neil, it’s not apparent what role they played.

Features of The Lost Ways Book Pdf

  • Maritime historian Shannon Azares is a specialist in the preservation of 17th-century sailors’ water supply.
  • a Native American with expertise in underground roundhouses and root cellars named Erik Bainbridge.
  • An expert in wildcraft, Theresa Anne DeMario is an expert in foraging.
  • UK-based chemist Susan Morrow is responsible for the book’s medical parts.
  • Foods that are nutritionally balanced are the specialty of Lex Rooker, a survivalist author.
  • James Walton is an authority on 18th-century cooking and self-feeding fires.

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