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SINCE THERE IS NO EXISTENCE, This game development studio is the best in the business thanks to Chris Ashton and Phil Robb. We were able to accomplish a great deal as a team. I owe a debt of gratitude to Robert Djordjevich, as well as Austin Baker, Wallace Huang, Chad Nicholas, Larra Paoilli, and Jeff Vaughn of the Pandemic Group, for giving me my first break in video games. When I got my first gaming job through Christian Moore and Owen Seyler, I couldn’t have asked for better mentors. Ross Issacs, George Vasilakos, Jay Longino, Inman Young, Charles and Tammie Ryan, Jess Heinig, Jeff Tidball, Ken Hite, and Steve Long are just a few of the people I’d like to thank. MCDM would not have been possible without Anna, Jerry, and Lars’ willingness to take a risk. Our sincere thanks go out to Mike Mearls and the rest of the 5E DevTeam for synthesising forty years of RPG design into something that is both fun to play and fun to create. John Mara, Brad Thomas, and Matt Thomas were my original GMs. From 1985 to 1992, they taught me valuable lessons. We’d also like to acknowledge the following members of The Collective: Jim Murphy; Dave Miles; Mark Hobbs; Devlon; Geoff; Chris and Craig; Jeff Houston; Matt Clyker; Paul LaPorte; Robert Harris; and Travis Vail. The author, Matthew Colville, September 2018, Colville Irvine

Legions or skilled farmers, diplomats or other brave explorers! In order to carry out large-scale operations with your new army, stronghold, or supporters, it may take months or even years. seasons. In addition, your new powers eventually run out of power, and you must return to your home to recharge. It’s known as an extended break. It’s time to go to sleep. For these new options, the book includes many new systems, including rules for warfare, in concordance, in which units of soldiers clash; rules for concordance which allows any character to plead with their deity for aid; rules for creating new magic items; and rules for taking your retainers retainers with you into combat without running an entire second character.

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  • It’s nice to be able to call your own home. A place where things get done. A keep, a tower, and a castle. Even better would be if your corporate headquarters did something special for you. As much as the game takes place in combat, it would be nice if your skills improved in that area. It’s unquestionably where the action is when it comes to life and death situations. As an added bonus, having a good reason to save money is always welcome. Experience, magic items, and money are all possible rewards for plunging into the depths of a dungeon. When a character’s level of power increases, so does the value of experiencing new things. Items of a magical nature, too. Your character can do amazing things that they otherwise wouldn’t be able to. How much, then? Do we have any plans for it? At least one edition made it simple for players to craft magical items, which is a great way to spend your hard-earned cash. This has the unintended consequence of implying the existence of shops selling magical goods in sufficiently populous areas. The modern edition, on the other hand, assumes the inverse. The dev team listened to what players had to say during the 5E playtest about making magic rare. The existence of “magic shops” is not presumptuous in the base game because magic is rare. As a result, building strongholds and upgrading them is an excellent use of your hard-earned cash.


  • STRONGHOLD TYPES Basic strongholds come in four varieties, one of which is a complex stronghold, and a variety of others. Although the reader is left to wonder why a non-spellcasting character would build a tower, any character can build or use any stronghold. They could have a magic-wielding NPC ally on their side! When a character wants to build an army and protect their town, a keep keep is an ideal location. Pirate ships and barbarian camps are two examples of this. Spell research and battle magic training take place in a tower tower. In a temple temple, you can summon extraplanar allies and learn battle magic from a divine source. A druid’s grove is a common choice. For sabotaging your adversaries and making money, an establishment establishment is the best place to hide. A castle combines several of the above into a larger complex that can be owned and operated by a number of different people, each of whom can reap the financial rewards. In the end, the concept of four distinct types of strongholds (each with a few variations) is utterly absurd.


  • arbitrary. Each class could easily have a different flavour. It’s also possible that there are no “types” at all, but rather a variety of abilities that can be purchased individually. These four, however, provide 90% of what we need, and their variations provide an additional 9%. And if a player requests a stronghold that isn’t on this list, the GM should be able to use these variations to quickly come up with a new variant.

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