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A Meredith Solutions Manual for Project Management A Managerial Approach, 9th Edition Click here to get a copy of the Project Management: A Managerial Approach, 9th Edition, Meredith Solutions Manual, available for free download at The Meredith Test Bank for A Managerial Approach, 9th Edition You can get the test bank here: bank/project management. Strategy and Project Selection are covered in this chapter. CHAPTER INTRODUCTION. In-depth – This chapter explains how an organisation choose which projects to pursue and which to abandon. It explains how to evaluate and choose between several options. Additionally, the chapter introduces the notion of risk and applies it to a typical project selection analysis. 2.1

Consistent and sensible criteria and models should be used by organisations to choose from the many projects they have to chose. For the selecting process, a wide range of models are available. The following are important factors to consider while deciding on a model for selection: Reality – The model should take into account the situation of the organisation, including the restrictions on people, facilities and capital………. The model should be able to handle the intricacies of the organization’s environment. Adaptability – The model needs to be able to operate in a variety of environments. Easy to understand – It is important that the model is accessible and understandable. Because of its complexity, the model should not be prohibitively expensive to implement. It should be simple to digitise the model and make changes on a computer.

Models for the Selection of Projects Non-Numerical Modeling – Rather than focusing solely on numbers, these models look at additional elements that are “obvious” to the business in question. Examples of these approaches include executive directives and regulatory requirements. You can think of The Sacred Cattle, The Competitive Necessity and the Product Line Extension as examples of this.

Using numerical models, such as profit/profitability, these potential projects are analysed solely in terms of their monetary gain potential. You may or may not consider the concept of time worth of money in your analysis. Traditional metrics such as payback period, discounted cash flow (also known as net present value), internal rate of return (IRR), and profitability index (PI) are all examples of this. In these models, the concept of an investment that leads to opportunities that otherwise wouldn’t have been possible is used as a basis.
Profit/Profitability Models – These models examine the potential projects in terms of monetary return. You may or may not include the concept of time worth of money in your analysis. Many of the most commonly used metrics are Payback Period, Discounted Cash Flow, IRR, and Profitability Index. Based on the idea that an investment leads to opportunities that otherwise wouldn’t have been available, these models are called “Real Options.”

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  • otherwise. By investing in things that may not be profitable or beneficial in the immediate future, this strategy opens up a world of possibilities for the future. Mathematics Models: Models for evaluating possible projects based on a variety of the organization’s specified criteria.
  • When evaluating projects, the models use a set of numerical scales. Then, a variety of methods can be used to determine the best options. Models like Weighted 0-1 Factor, Unweighted Factor Scoring Model, and Window of Opportunity Analysis are all examples of weighted factor models. Mathematics Models: Analysis of the Window of Opportunity – Models like this one seek to figure out how much a new technology will cost and how long it will take to implement.
  • It is now much easier to decide whether or not to proceed with the development project after determining the economic impact of the innovation. Models based on numerical data: Planning Based on Discovery – If you’re looking for an alternative to the window of opportunity analysis method, this model will fund a portion of your project and help you decide how much testing each assumption will cost. Managers can determine if an undertaking is still as promising or whether a strategy shift is necessary by examining the assumptions. Weighted scoring models are recommended by the authors for selecting a project selection model. 2.4

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