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Cardiology In a nutshell, [ACLS] The first step is to understand the fundamentals. In order to pass the Step 2 exam, you will need to either identify the rhythm or select an intervention. Following these easy guidelines will help you detect the beat. Tachycardia is greater than 100 beats per minute, while bradycardia is less than 60 beats per minute.

When the QRS complex is large (>.12msec), the heart is beating at the ventricular level; when it is narrow (.12msec), the heart is beating at the atrial level. Eighty percent of the test’s questions can be answered with the help of these two resources. The final choice is whether or not the tempo is regular or erratic. Of course, an ECG, preferably a 12-lead, is required to determine any of this. Ask if there is an arrhythmia or not using the ECG. Two or three of the beats in this recording are not associated with arrhythmias. Everyone should be in a normal sinus rhythm.

A normal, physiological response to an underlying stressor is sinus tachycardia. Even though sinus bradycardia is commonly seen in competitive athletes, it is not considered an “arrhythmia” in the context of medical diagnosis or hospitalization. 2nd Step: Symptoms or No Symptoms! Is there any indication that something is wrong? Arrhythmias that don’t cause any symptoms should be ignored.

Do nothing if there are no symptoms, says the rule of thumb. When we say “nothing,” we mean the usual IV, O2, and monitor care. This is most likely going to be a rhythm identification question. Step 3: Stable or Unstable? If the patient is experiencing symptoms, you must assess whether or not he or she can wait it out or if immediate treatment is required. Your level of well-being has a direct correlation to your sense of security.

However, if the patient has chest pain, shortness of breath, changed mental status, or a systolic BP 90, then they are considered unstable for a diagnostic test. Use electricity if they’re too shaky to handle. In this case, the patient is stable if he or she exhibits any symptoms but none of the ones on this list. The rhythm can be corrected in a patient who is stable enough to do so. Pharmacotherapy can be employed to save their lives at this point. Step 4: Decide on a treatment method.

There is only one question you need to answer if you’ve chosen unstable/electricity – fast or slow. The shock will occur if the beat is fast and unsteady. If the beat is slow and erratic, the tempo will be sluggish. This is a more tough assignment if you selected stable/electricity. There are at least three, and possibly as many as four, options for creating steady beats.

When the beat is fast, narrow, and stable, adenosine is the drug of choice. Amiodarone can be used if the rhythm is quick, wide, and consistent.

3 – Use atropine if the heartbeat is slow and steady (epi drips can also be used in the new ACLS rollout). It is preferable to use rate control for Afib/Aflutter, which was the only type of irregular heartbeat that needed to be diagnosed before the correct intervention could be performed.

Since afib is typically manifested as tachycardia, if they’re unsteady, shock them. As far as “rate management” is concerned, Beta Blockers or Calcium Channel Blockers are used.

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