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Student diagnostic and problem solving skills are sharpened with 60 high-yield psychiatry cases from the Case Files series, an award-winning learning system proven to improve shelf exam scores and clerkship performance. Rather than relying solely on memorization, this series places students in the shoes of real patients. Clinical cases are used to teach students to improve their diagnostic and problem-solving abilities through the use of 60 high-yield clinical cases. As a bonus, each case includes a discussion of the topic, clinical pearls, and references.

Case Correlations have been added to the fifth edition of the book, highlighting related cases and DSM-V diagnostic entities, and new cases have been added. Case Files Psychiatry, a $34.99 in-app purchase, includes 60 case studies, one of which is included in this free app. Interactive features have been incorporated into each case for the iPhone/iPad. There are three modes for board-style review questions: study, exam, and bookmark. Check your answers as you work through the questions in the Study mode. If you’re doing it in Exam mode, keep a timer going and then go back and check your answers. For questions you’ve flagged for further study, use Bookmark mode. After each practise quiz, file away the correct answers. Pick the number of questions in each practise quiz that you want: 25, 50, 75, 100, all. Inclusion of questions from previous quizzes can be chosen as an option. -Interactive questions at the end of each case, with explanations, allow students to learn more. Sort cases alphabetically or numerically. Each case should have its own section for taking notes. Each case should be tagged. -Cases can be searched for using the case title or tags. You can keep track of your progress by recording your quiz results. In order to be able to use this app on any of your devices, iCloud is used to back up and sync your data. a little background on the writers Southern Illinois University School of Medicine Associate Dean of Education and Curriculum and Professor/Chair, Department of Medical Education, Dr. Debra L. Klamen is (Springfield, Illinois). SIU’s Department of Psychiatry also counts her as an adjunct professor. Dr. Eugene C. Toy, MD, is a family physician and an OB/GYN board-certified in both fields. At The Methodist Hospital, he serves as the John S. Dunn Senior Academic Chair and the Program Director of the Residency in Obstetrics and Gynaecology. He is also the Clerkship Director and Assistant Clinical Professor in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at The University of Texas-Houston Medical School (Houston, Texas).

Features of Linear Algebra By Dvid C Lay 5Th Edition Pdf Free Download

  • • A set of 36 tutorials on engineering economy applications of Excel by Julie L. Fortune of the University of Alabama in Huntsville.
  • • A set of 54 cases for more realistic complex problems on the in-text CD.
  • Cases in Engineering Economy 2nd by William Peterson and Ted Eschenbach also includes three chapters on case analysis and an example case solution as a fourth chapter.
  • • A Study Guide by Ed Wheeler of the University of Tennessee, Martin (ISBN 978-0-19-977819-5) is provided free with every new copy of the text.
  • • Spreadsheet problem modules, written by Thomas Lacksonen of the University of Wisconsin–Stout
  • . • Interactive multiple-choice problems, written by Paul Schnitzler of the University of South Florida and William Smyer of Mississippi State University.
  • • Additional Practice FE Exam problems, authored by Karen Thorsett, University of Phoenix.

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