Justin Thomas

You’re a wonder — you’re a Jack Nicklaus during the 1950s, a Tiger Woods during the ’90s, a Justin Thomas in the aughts — and everything comes without any problem. You work. Obviously you work. In any case, everybody can recognize the truth about you. You’re a kid wonder.

You go from secondary school to school to the beginning of your profession, riding your wizardry cover. Man, it’s good times. Justin Thomas consistently appeared as though he was having a great time. Nicklaus said to him, “Call me Jack.” Tiger and JT each call the other Princess. JT is in with the group worth knowing. The possibility that golf can cause you to feel in isolation was unfamiliar to him. His dad was near. His caddie, his better half, his supporters, his visiting siblings.

And afterward came for the current year, when life came surging in. That is, Justin Thomas’ adult life. By most appearances (since appearance matters more in golf than in many things), Thomas sort of resembled his ordinary, sure self. Be that as it may, he wasn’t tricking himself. His psyche was so jumbled he was unable to do what he was destined to do.

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