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After a distinguished 45-year career, Dr. David P. DeWitt, a dear friend and colleague who made significant contributions to heat transfer technology and pedagogy, passed away in 2005. Dave is a mechanical engineer with degrees from Duke University (B.S. ), MIT (M.S. ), and Purdue University (Ph.D.) in his field. A love of thermal physics and radiometry developed during his graduate studies at Purdue. He worked in these fields until an illness forced him to stop. During his time at Purdue’s Thermophysical Properties Research Center, Dave was instrumental in the development of radiometric measurement standards, eventually becoming its deputy director and the president of Technometrics Inc., an optical and thermal instrument design firm. He became a professor at Purdue’s School of Mechanical Engineering in 1973 and remained there until his retirement in 2000, both teaching and conducting research. He worked at the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s Optical Technology Division from 2000 to 2004.

Among his many talents, Dave excelled as a teacher, researcher, and engineer. The books we’ve co-authored together over the course of our nearly 30-year collaboration have benefited greatly from his complementary abilities.
My fondest memories of this very special colleague are based more on the personal than the professional.

Together, Dave and I worked on our books for tens of thousands of hours in blocks of three to five hours each. During this time, we were prone to spontaneous interruptions from the task at hand, which were often marked by humour or reflections on our personal lives.

There were many times when Dave and I talked about the joys and challenges of raising our three daughters at the same age. When I think of Dave, I can’t help but remember how devoted he was to his three daughters, Karen, Amy, and Debbie. For the first time in my life, I witnessed Dave’s personal strength as he supported Jody, his first wife, as she fought cancer in 1990. Phyllis, his second wife, was a source of great happiness for him, and I felt the same way.

Features of Introduction To Heat Transfer 6Th Edition Pdf Download Free

  • Additive Manufacturing: Expert discussions, exploring 3D printing materials, techniques, and workflow, compare traditional machining to today’s additive manufacturing processes.
  • Machine Elements and Operations: Updated and expanded coverage of CAD/CAM operations, boring, nontraditional cutting methods, o-rings and glands, and transmission chains.
  • Manufacturing and Materials: Additional information on utilizing today’s plastics, powder metallurgy standard and tool steels, manufacturing stresses, and preventing corrosion.
  • Metal Casting and Molding: New information for working with iron, steel, nonferrous metals, and alloys, metal casting and molding processes, and modeling and design considerations.
  • Math, Measurement, and Dimensioning: Reorganized, revised, and expanded sections provide ready access to clear information, essential formulas, and everyday calculations and conversions.
  • Metalworking Processes: More on brazing, soldering, welding, nondestructive testing, forming sheet metal, mill finishes, passivation, electropolishing, and plating.
  • Threads and Threading: The latest series and selected combinations for Unified Screw Threads.


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