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precise start and end dates. Managing scope, time, and cost is the triple constraint. A project’s quality, risk, human resources, communication, and stakeholders are just a few of the many considerations. What is the definition of project management? An example of stakeholders, a knowledge area, a tool or technique in the project management framework should be given in this brief description

and factors that influence the success of a project. It is the application of knowledge, skills and tools to project activities to meet the requirements of a project (PMBOK Guide, 2012). Starting with the needs and expectations of the stakeholders, the project management framework illustrates the nine project management knowledge areas and various tools and techniques that are used to achieve project success.

Enterprise success follows. As an example, if a large company were to implement an ERP system, the stakeholders would include managers and users from various departments (finance, manufacturing, human resources and IT, for example), all nine knowledge areas of expertise would be important and numerous tools and techniques would be used (see Table 1-1), and project success might be measured by the ability of the new system to pay for itself within a certain period of time.

What is a programme, and how is it used? Defintion: What is a portfolio? In what ways does portfolio management help the company achieve its goals in relation to other forms of project management? When managing multiple projects together, a programme provides benefits and control that can’t be gained by managing each one separately. (PMBOK, 2012) Project portfolio management focuses on managing projects as investments that contribute to the overall success of the enterprise. To put it another way, portfolios contain projects.

What is the project manager’s job description? What are the recommended competencies for project managers in general, as well as for those in the information technology field? Why is it so critical for project managers to have strong leadership skills? For IT project managers, what is the job market like? The project manager is ultimately responsible for ensuring the project’s success. ‘ This chapter includes a long list of suggested skills, such as the ability to lead effectively, to organise well, to be technically proficient, and to possess a wide range of soft skills. IT project managers need the same skills as general project managers, but they should also be familiar with the technology being used and the types of people working on IT projects. The most important quality of successful project managers is the ability to lead by example. It’s a good time to be an IT project manager, especially if you have a proven track record in business and management.

The history of project management can be summed up in a few key events. Project Management Institute and other professional organisations play an important role in advancing the field. Modern project management began with the Manhattan Project, the development of the atomic bomb, not the Egyptian pyramids or the Great Wall of China. A separate project manager and technical manager were responsible for overseeing the three-year, $2 billion undertaking in 1946. Gantt charts and network diagrams were first used in 1917 and 1958, respectively. The Project Management Institute (PMI) is the primary organisation for project managers, and they administer the PMP certification exam.

Using project management software, you can perform the following tasks: It’s important to understand the key differences between project management tools at each price point. Software for project management can help with the creation of schedules, the dissemination of information, and the monitoring of progress. Microsoft Project 2010, AtTask, and the Microsoft Enterprise Project Management solution are just a few of the most commonly used project management tools. Because they are the most affordable, entry-level tools can also be found as apps. To create Gantt charts and critical path analysis, midrange tools are usually capable. Portfolio management is often handled by high-end tools, which can be used by a large organisation.

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