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Fix It Felix Jr Game Download is a perfect reconstruction of the Donkey Kong inspired game from Pixars Wreck-It-Ralph, complete with MAME-style start-up screen, power-ups and exact recreations of the start and ending animations.

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Fix It Felix Jr Game Download Overview

Fix It Felix Jr Game Download is an arcade game that connects to the film, Wreck-it Ralph. Fix-it Felix Jr. is a 8bit styled game that harkens back to works of art like Rampage. As Ralph climbs the structure, he obliterates an ever increasing number of pieces of the structure that Felix should fix. Just bounce over to the window or entryway that is broken and hit it with your mallet to fix it. Ralph will attempt to wreck you by punching pieces of block off the structure that can fall on you.

While the ongoing interaction of Fix-it Felix Jr. is fundamental, it can turn out to be very difficult. In the later degrees of Fix-it Felix Jr., blossom grower boxes and window shades are presented, obstructing your way. There are additionally ducks that fly by the structure, which you need to stay away from. This makes navigating the levels considerably more testing.

The controls in Fix-it Felix Jr. are basic. You have a joystick to move around and a sledge button that is utilized to fix things in the game. Lamentably, the joystick in Fix-it Felix Jr. doesn’t function admirably. On the iPhone, the joystick is excessively confined. Rather than hauling your finger, players should regard the joystick as a swipe cushion. Swipe toward the path you need Fix-it Felix Jr. to go.Released in 2012, you can play this game in your program, or you can download it to play on a Windows PC. Created by Ofihombre, this variant of Fix-it Felix Jr. is a recognition for the Wreck-it-Ralph film that was additionally delivered in 2012. The game is done in exemplary 8-cycle style, catching the nostalgic interactivity of 80s arcades.

Similar as the film it depends on, the game beginnings with an irate Ralph. He proclaims that he will wreck the structure that was raised where his stump, and home, should be. He promptly begins slamming against the structure as he climbs it, demolishing windows, entryways, and in any event, misleading one of the helpless occupants screen. Enter you, Fix-it Felix Jr., the saint of the story.

After you’ve embedded your coin and gone through the introduction, ongoing interaction starts. As Felix, you must leap from one windowsill to another, fixing all that Ralph breaks. The controls are extremely basic, actually like you’d expect those of an arcade game. You can periodically get a pie left for you by an inhabitant that will pass on you safe to Ralph’s falling blocks for a brief time.

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