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First, Greg Heffley can be seen talking about how his life and the lives of his friends and family are like the plot of The Truman Show. He also talks about how he thinks everyone in his life is just an actress or a robot. He goes on to explain why he believes Manny was brought in to take his position. Greg initially thought Manny was a robot being controlled by a person in the background, and then brought up the fact that his entire family is made up of robots and Greg is the only human member of the family. Greg is grounded for seven days after he splashes Frank with a hose to prove he is a robot. His Grandmother Nana is watching over him from heaven, and he has a lot of problems with it. In order to see Alex Aruda’s test results, he feels bad because he knows that his relatives would notice him cheating. He also believes that he should be able to maintain some degree of privacy from time to time.

Since Susan gave Greg $20 for the book fair, Greg went out and bought a bunch of pointless trinkets, including pencils with hairy google eyes, a cat poster saying something caustic, an eraser shaped like a panda, a glow-in-the-dark calculator, and a pen that writes and draws in water. But Susan is not pleased with Greg’s choices, so she has made Greg pledge to swap them for books.” As a result of Greg’s submission to the National Poetry Council in 3rd grade, it turns out that the poems in this book are available to everyone. While Susan was at it, she sought to enlist Greg in the school’s Talented and Gifted programme, but Greg failed the test required to verify his eligibility, leading Susan to become enraged. After a while, there was a secret group called “Champs” for youngsters who had trouble uttering “R” words; nevertheless, Greg was not progressing, so Susan hired a tutor. However, Greg is no longer allowed to remain in the group if he says a sentence that contains words beginning with “R.” Tucker, the goalie for Manny’s soccer team, spent the rest of the game shoving grass into his belly button, he claims. Then again, he was awarded a trophy. I.M.Spooky’s “Spineticklers” series, which has spookier tales, likewise disappoints Susan.

After that, Greg talks about the geese in town and the benefits of owning a pet pig that you can walk. A large bag of candy corn will be awarded to the winner of the school’s Balloon Brigade contest, in which students are competing to see how far their balloons can travel. When it comes to bringing back the Cheese Touch, other students keep attempting to do it in a different form, such as a Roast Beef Touch, but they fail.

A few days later, Greg talks about how Spinetickler’s writings cause him to have nightmares, like the one where he woke up and realised that others were jealous of him because of his tail. The boy who found his balloon, Maddox Selsam, showed up at his house for a play date, he claimed afterwards. Greg shows in with a computer game, and Maddox freaks out. It turns out that he hasn’t played any video games or watched any TV. Greg realises that he neglected to retrieve the balloon after Maddox has gone. In order to get Greg the candy corn, Vice Principal Roy demands that he bring his balloon to school. To which Susan and Mrs. Selsam agree to leave Greg and Maddox behind while they go out for a coffee date. Greg is quite dissatisfied with Maddox’s home, which is quaint but devoid of modern conveniences like a television or radio. Maddox has a Lego City in his room, but only allows Greg to play with the remaining pieces. When Greg receives a brick in his arm, Maddox accuses him of stealing, which results in Greg being expelled from the school. Because Greg saw Maddox as an antisocial nerd instead than a decent role model, Susan feels dissatisfied.

As Greg and Rodrick prepare to return to school full-time, Susan keeps a chore bag in which they can choose from a variety of errands. When Greg tries to eat the enormous sweet corn he won after performing his chores, he discovers that the pig has devoured it. Rodrick was not pleased when Greg urged him to get up. Upon seeing the pig, Greg was awakened and forced to get in the van. It was too much for Greg, so he threw up when the pig spewed up. Susan punishes Greg for his “habit of dishonesty” by making him do three jobs out of the chore bag each night after the pig vomits candy corn. After that, he goes into detail about the workings of his mind and the numerous times he’s fallen asleep in the past. Susan is always pressuring Greg to branch out from video games and explore other interests, all the while introducing him to the idea of going to college. Greg and Rowley later join the school band in order to get invited to Mariana Mendoza’s Halloween party. Despite Greg’s desire to stop playing the French Horn, Frank insists that he keep it because it was an expensive purchase and he must keep his word. A high school girl is practising the french horn, which makes Greg happy. However, Greg discovers that Mariana only invited the woodwind section of the school band. Greg dresses up as a “Two-Headed Monster” to get into the party. Rowley has to step up to the plate when the party is ready to take a new turn.

Features of Diary Of A Wimpy Kid Double Down Pdf

  • This book’s detractors say it’s the weakest of the series thus far.
  • The pig is over-emphasized, there is a lot of filler, and the video-making plot doesn’t begin until the very end.
  • In addition, after Dog Days and The Long Haul, this is the second book to include the complementary hues of yellow and orange.
  • The first red book was the first, and this is the second.
  • For the second time in as many books, Rowley doesn’t appear in his customary clothing. Hard Luck is the first novel.

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