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In 1828, Andrew Murray was born to a missionary of the Dutch Reformed Church from Scotland who had been sent to South Africa to spread the gospel. They were both sent to Scotland for education, and then both went on to study theology at the University of Utrecht, where they met and fell in love. His missionary work in South Africa and the writing of 240 books made him one of the world’s best-known authors.

In spite of the fact that Andrew Murray’s 45 books have only recently come back into print, the simplicity and clarity of his prose fools many readers into thinking they are decades old. (Not to mention the numerous revisions.) Because Murray was born in 1828 and died in 1917, everything he wrote during his lifetime is now part of the public domain and can be read by anyone.

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  • “” (John 6:38) In other words, “I am not teaching.” (Joh. 7.16) “I am not who I am” (John 7:28) “I don’t do anything of my own accord” (John 8:28) The only way I’ve come this far is because He sent Me (John 8: 42). “I am not after my own glory,” I say (John 8:50) That which I say does not come from me” (John 14: 10). What you’re hearing isn’t mine, Jesus said (John 14: 24).


  • Christ’s life and work are laid bare in these words. God’s powerful redemptive work could only be accomplished through him, they explain. As Christ’s Father’s Son, he was expected to have a certain kind of heart. That Christ accomplished and now communicates redemption’s essence and life through his teachings. He was nothing, so that God could be everything. He surrendered all of his will and power to the Father, allowing Him to work in him. Of His own strength, will, and determination

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