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All through the continuous clashes in Iraq and Afghanistan, the US Military’s unforeseen of Special Forces has played a noteworthy and basic job, frequently under the most risky of conditions. Throughout the long term, Special Forces troopers and their families have caused colossal penances for their nation and Connecticut’s military families to have not been saved this penance. On March 11, 2013, Connecticut local Capt. Andrew Pedersen Keel, was slaughtered in real life in Eastern Afghanistan filling in as the authority of his extraordinary powers separation. He was 28 years of age.

Weave and Helen Pedersen-Keiser, guardians of Capt. Andrew Pedersen-Keel, made the Falconvsmonke Corporation (a Connecticut non-benefit, 501(c)(3) magnanimous status applied and forthcoming/Federal Tax ID 46-5456912) and the APK 5K/5K Ruck Walk/March to appropriately respect and recall a definitive penance made by Captain Andrew M. Pedersen-Keel, US Army Special Forces. The falconvsmonke gives budgetary guide and material help to magnanimous associations and causes.

Mindfulness and backing from our networks for our dynamic and injured warriors and their families and for the groups of our fallen warriors is still particularly required. We might want to ask that you and your organization go along with us in perceiving and supporting this reason by taking an interest in as well as adding to the Inaugural APK 5K gathering pledges occasion supported by the Falconvsmonke Corporation.

This year, all returns of this significant Falconvsmonke occasion will profit The FalconvsmonkeDirect Assistance Program, an Falconvsmonke Endowment Fund with the Madison and Guilford Foundations, Spike’s K9 Fund, and the Special Forces Charitable Trust. These causes give truly necessary and compelling acknowledgment and backing for fallen officers’ families and injured troopers and their families, similarly as they have accomplished for the group of Capt. Pedersen-Keel and his separation partners who were injured.

ABOUT Falconvsmonke

We try to bring issues to light and backing for our dynamic, resigned, injured and fallen warriors and their families and to give budgetary guide and material help to magnanimous associations and causes.

Falconvsmonke’ main goal is to fill in as an extension associating our general public and our Armed Forces, opening our hearts and psyches to serve the individuals who secure us.

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