Battle The Bulge With Beverages

Drink smoothies to get healthy
Drink smoothies to get healthy
There are times when you are watching your waistline and you go to a party where everyone has a drink in their hand. You may feel like a sore thumb sitting empty handed wriggling your thumbs when all the guest clink their glasses to say cheers. What can you fill your glass with that does not only help you keep off the extra calories that regular beverages offer you, but also helps you boost your metabolism?

You may look no further to find out some of the best beverages that keep your metabolism high.

1. Water is the best beverage

Water as a beverage is not only easily available but also a cost effective solution to lose extra pounds. It is known through many studies that if your body is not hydrated your metabolism rate is bound to slow down. Drink a few litres of water every day to keep up your metabolism.

Also water is known to be a natural cleanser. Drinking water can help you flush out unwanted toxins from your body which also gives an additional boost to your metabolism.

It is suggested to sip your water slowly and twirl in your mouth before gulping it down. Some studies say that having iced water is not only refreshing but helps pep up you metabolic rate. This is because the body needs to burn extra calories to warm itself down in response to intake of cold water.

Some natural sources of water like spring water are known to be more refreshing and better absorbed by the body than water from commercial supply of water.

2. Coffee can boost your metabolism

Drink a cup of coffee
Drink a cup of coffee
There is good news for coffee lovers. Caffeine not only gives you a great boost of energy but also gives you a short spike in your metabolic rate. You can add cinnamon powder to your coffee as another metabolism boosting ingredient.

3. Go for iced Green tea at a party

Ice tea with orange
Ice tea with orange
Green tea is known to have compounds that rev up your metabolic rate. Having it in the iced form is not only a pleasure for your palate but also brings a boost in your metabolism. You can add more metabolism boosting ingredients like fresh lemon juice, ginger and mint leaves to your iced green tea and add a boost of flavour and vigour to your drink.

4. Certain smoothies can smoothen your curves

Smoothies can help you with your weight problem
Smoothies can help you with your weight problem
Certain smoothies not only please you taste buds but can also help you knock off a few kilos. It is a good idea to start your day with a hearty breakfast like a banana cinnamon smoothie. A good breakfast early in the day is said to spike up the metabolic rate. The banana in this smoothie recipe has vital nutrients like magnesium and vitamin B that can help boost metabolism. The cinnamon in this magic shake is a magic spice that is known to have compounds that help in revving up the body metabolism.

Armed with this new information, go ahead and quench your thirst with these power packed beverages. Become a star host, serve these beverages to your guests, and win their heart and smiles!

Choosing Between Business And Job?

Are you a boss or an employee?
Are you a boss or an employee?
You may have a dream job that pays off your bills and gives you a good lifestyle. But do you think you may be better off in a business of your own? Your job may give you a sense of security, a regular income and a visiting card with fancy titles. But you may have seen a string of start-ups by erstwhile employees making it big in terms for wealth and fame. Here is some food for thought to understand what you are missing out by staying an employee and not moving to the business arena:

1. Save on taxes

As an employee you get your salary after partial or complete deduction of taxes. Your expenses are drawn out of your net salary. However, as a businessperson you can charge several personal expenses like your personal salary, car mortgage, entertainment expenses and fuel expenses to the company account and pay tax on the profit calculated after incurring these expenses.

2. You decide you worth

How much do you worth?
How much is your worth?
In a job, your boss evaluates your worth and decides on your salary and increments. You would never feel that you are overpaid for your work. In fact your employer will always pay you just enough so that you stick to the job. On the other hand, in a business you can decide your worth and draw out a salary that you think you deserve.

3. Building a legacy for you successors

You may climb up high on the corporate ladder but when you retire, you stop being paid. Your successors are never secured a place in the organisation you have given your sweat to. Even if they get an entry they need to start all over again. However, in a business you can build a legacy that can be passed on to your successors where they taken on from where you have left.

4. Building wealth in your bank

Make a future for you and your love ones
Make a future for you and your loved ones
A regular salary may give you a sense of security but it is always jus enough to meet your expenses. Many studies prove that employees are not able to save more than 10 percent of their salaries. You may get an increment in your salary but that is a mere five to fifteen percent that is always below the inflation rate. Therefore, even if you work harder and get the best raise in your company, you are only getting poorer every year as an employee. Does it make sense to work hard to get poor?
A business on the other hand can help you build wealth over a period of time that beats inflation.

While the merits of getting into a business are many, you need to evaluate a few things before making the final plunge. Do you have enough savings to sustain your living for the next three to five years if your business does not start generating cash? You may also explore the option of keeping your job and starting you business part time. Only once it starts generating enough cash, you could make the final leap.

Law Of Attraction To Improve Your Business

Law of attraction on business
Law of attraction & business
The law of attraction has been around for many years. Throughout time, this law has been utilized in every aspect of life, including businesses and entrepreneurship. There are a lot of people who claim it’s a natural force of the universe, while others believe it as a simple cognitive mechanism in the brain. Regardless of which, the law of attraction is a natural phenomenon that has inspired a lot of books, movies, careers and lifestyles out of it, and you can use it for your own business.

How the Law of Attraction Works

The law of attraction basically works around on the premise that what we think about all the time bring about results based on our thoughts. If our thoughts are composed of negative things, we “attract” negative results, and it also applies to positive thinking. Proponents of the law of attraction argue that people and thoughts are both made from pure energy, and by simply thinking of these thoughts, we attract the same energy.
However, psychologists argue that there is no scientific basis for the law of attraction, and the phenomenon experienced by proponents of the said law experience placebo effects and other cognitive biases that happen in our brain. Nevertheless, the law of attraction has created countless phenomenons that can make it a viable strategy in improving one’s business. Here are ways on how to use the law of attraction to improve your business.

Improve Thyself First

Improve your business
Improve your business
To effectively utilize the law of attraction in improving your business, you first have to improve the centre of your business: you. There is no use in improving the business when the self is not improved first. To do this, you have to change the habits that are destructive to your business, sharpen the strengths that are present in you, and develop the skills needed to improve on the business. And what better way to do that than through the law of attraction: change the negative attitudes you have on your business into positive ones.

Begin with the End in Mind

Another trick into using the law of attraction to improve your business is to begin with the end in mind. Think of all the goals needed for your business, starting with the long-term goals down to the short-term goals. You should also put into thought what you’ve always wanted your business to be: flourishing, sustainable and bankable. You must train the self into thinking the end product of your business, and improve on it every day.

Focusing on the Goals You Have

Enjoy the fruit of your labor
Enjoy the fruit of your labor
The best way to use the law of attraction is to focus on the goals you have in everything that you do. If you teach your mind subconsciously that you will eventually reach your goal, your body and mind will adjust to what is needed into achieving your goals. In business, this entails large profits and revenues every month, and continuous improvement and innovation on the product or service that you have.

The law of attraction is a very powerful force, regardless of what proponents and critics say about it and against it. It is important to keep in mind that in business improvement, end goals should be realized as early as day 1, and short-term goals should be accomplished with the minimum time possible. And this can all be accomplished with the help of the law of attraction.